Before a post about the name of the blog, a midnight quick post on some important stuff.

A decisive statement was issued recently by 6 religious leaders in Croatia (1 Catholic, 1 Serbian Orthodox, 1 Protestant, 2 Jewish and 1 Muslim).

These 6 men published yesterday the “Appeal for Assistance to Refugees” in which they encourage the citizens of Croatia to receive the refugees reminding them of the same situation most of them had to go through during the recent war. They are aware, and so should we be, that Croatia will soon see a dramatic increase in asylum-seeker arrivals.

“Let us be united and open to their needs and difficulties, which remind us of the suffering and drama of humanity because these people are forced to live under difficult and degrading circumstances, without the opportunity to begin a life of dignity. Therefore, serving, accompanying and protecting them are imperatives at the present moment.”

The God is calling us to be generous and courageously accept this trial. The trial of love. Are we ready to serve?

You can find the full text in English here.




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