Stepinac commission ends its work

A statement (Italian, Croatian, Serbian) was issued today by the Holy See Press Office regarding the joint commission of experts from Croatian Catholic Bishops' Conference and Serbian Orthodox Church. My translation (and bold): A JOINT STATEMENT OF THE MIXED COMMISSION OF CROATIAN CATHOLIC AND SERBIAN ORTHODOX EXPERTS FOR A JOINT READING OF THE FIGURE OF CARDINAL … Nastavi čitati Stepinac commission ends its work


Croatia’s Synod delegate: Public debate precious, German bishops not sensitive to other countries

Pope Francis surely has not convoked the Synod to make agreements with the bishops on changing that which Catholic Church, on he basis of Revelation, believes about marriage and the family, nor to fight against contemporary culture but to better determine the problems it brings with it so the said culture can be evangelized and people helped so they can, in current social circumstances, discover the beauty of man, marriage and the family which live according to God's plan.